I almost didn't know

I was working as an M.A. (mess hall attendant) at the temporary army/national guard post in Deming New Mexico. It was my job to serve breakfast and lunch to the the soldiers. I was always smiling and cheerful, doing my best to make sure every one felt as at home as they could be, many being as far from home as I was (I am originally from Virginia). Guys were always flirting with me but I never gave any of them a second glance. None of the other girls I worked with could understand why I didn't date. I didn't want just anyone, I wanted the right one. A few months after I started working there, I began to email this one guy on myspace. Nothing flirty or anything, we just sent random quizzes and surveys and things to each other.

One day I looked up from the tray that I was putting food onto and there was a guy on his crutches and our eyes met. I remember it was a very startling experience for me, his eyes are a very dark brown and incredibly soft... I was like a deer in the headlights, kinda frozen in place. I couldn't look away until he blushed. After that I didn't think anything of it, I certainly didn't think it was love at first sight.

Anyway, I was going through a lot of stressful things at home and I had begun to contact this stranger on myspace more and more, confessing all of my hopes and fears. To my surprise he responded and shared with me his own. We began to write to each other several times a day, and it was very interesting to see all of the things we had in common. We grew up so far apart, with no idea of each others existence, and yet with all of our similarities we could have been twins. A month or two went by and we were only for each other. All of this time I had not looked at a single picture of his, until one day when he posted a comment on one of mine, saying that I was very beautiful and asking if I found him pleasing as well. So I finally looked at him and wouldn't you know he was the very same soldier on crutches!!! I immediately wrote back -hey!! I see you every day! and he was like, what?!!! and I said - yeah, i serve u breakfast. lol.

We could not meet in person because soon after this he was shipped back home to Georgia for surgery, but we continued to write to each other and I would take all of my breaks between college classes outside so we could talk to each other on the phone, no matter what the weather was ( i got no reception inside :P). After about 6 months we were talking on the phone as usual, and out of no where he asks me to marry him. If you ask me again in person, yes, I told him. So he flew back to New Mexico, where we got married, and then he took me home to Georgia.

People always frown upon online relationships and things because it is so hard to judge a person's character and intentions from a distance, but for me, saying yes felt completely natural. Besides being husband and wife, we have a friendship and closeness that you just don't find everyday. He spoils me rotten too! Running me bubble baths, slow dancing in the kitchen, telling me he loves me every 5 seconds...there is not a happier wife in the world than I am.

This December 11th will be our first anniversary, and still, after a stressful day we curl up close together and I ask him-do you remember when we met? And he tells me our story, and it never ceases to give me a sense of awe... but for a few myspace surveys we might never have known....

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