every pic of us, we are close to one another

my luck was horrible, then i won the lottery of love

Well I have tried dating and that proved horrible as my choice in women is just no good at all. Nightmare and abusive relationships (being taken advantage of by my fiancée, verbally and sometimes physically abused). Yes the man CAN be abused in a relationship, especially if the man NEVER lays a hand on the woman. In my case i found this out once she realized i don't hit back. That's when she knew she could swing and I wouldn't do anything, so it got more frequent. I knew i had to leave one night when she picked up a bat after I caught her cheating on me and she didn't like the idea that I was going to leave her for good. She ended up jumping on my car hood and yelling in the middle of broad daylight. All the neighbors were looking out the windows and saw me driving with my ex on the hood.

So i figured i would give the Net a try. I did 2 sites. The first I paid for (BIG MISTAKE) match.com introduced me to a woman and she seemed very nice. She said she was located out of Boston and was in the Import/Export business. She was a bit older than I was at the time, I was 24 and she was 28. so after talking online for a while she said she wanted to meet me and listen to me play and sing guitar, as this is one of my passions. I found it funny that she didn't want to talk on the phone and had no webcam even though the computer she had comes with one (I looked it up after she told me the model). So I figured that maybe she was shy.

She told me she was born in Dublin, Ireland and both parents were killed in a car accident when she was young and her Grandmother raised her. She was really sweet and seemed like the girl that I would love to bring home to mom and dad. So we agreed to meet after she took her business trip for a big deal with a diamond dealer. She was supposed to make $600,000.00 off the deal and we could live together wherever we wanted to in the U.S. So I wished her luck and said have fun. I asked her 3 times where she was going and she never answered.

Then 3 days later I heard from her that the deal went great and she had a great room in a beautiful hotel. But on her way back someone cut the bottom of her purse out and took her wallet and she needed $10,000 to pay off the hotel, get a ticket back home and other expenses. The company she worked for couldn't help her and I was her only hope. Then she told me she was in Nigeria for the deal. Yeah the computer con-artist capital of the world. I had no cash at the time. I spent the last of it to get a membership (Ironic huh?) to meet her. So red flags went up. Then she told me to give her my address because she was going to send a check to my house and I needed to cash it at my bank and Western Union her the cash. $230,000. I don't even think the small bank in my town has that much. But still this had "Don't do it" written all over it. so I told the site what happened, they said they would give me more months free. Yeah that was the last thing I wanted to do after this experience because obviously they don't screen the users.

I said no thank you and figured I was going to be alone or miserable for the rest of my life. So i started drinking. At a bar i overheard a patron talking about a website for dating. Adult friend finder. nope didn't want that, I want a relationship not a loose woman, I ran into too many of those on my own. I wanted a mate, a spouse, a life long partner. So the guy told me to check out OK-cupid.com. After filling out hours of forms again and copying and pasting my bio and profile info from the last site and taking tons of tests I started getting matches.

I found this beautiful 24 yr old woman with what seemed to be a lot of energy. I checked out her pics and I was immediately attracted to her. And all of her interests were mine, music nature, etc. . . it seemed to be a female me. I'm not the type to pray but that night I prayed that i could meet her. So I sent a message "Hey I looked over your profile and saw that you are extremely active and i just wanted to know. . . Think you can keep up with me?" Well she answered back and we chatted online, then she gave me her #. YESSSSS! I jumped and clicked my heels and I called her and we chatted for what seemed like a few minutes, but in reality it was hours.

After weeks of talking and realizing that we were the same person but different sexes we decided to meet at her house as soon as I got a car. I promised her she would be the first person I go to see, even over my friends. And on Sept 11, 2009 I got a car. And that day after work I took a shower, gassed up, and went to see her. When I saw her in person as I pulled up to her house my jaw dropped. She was BEAUTIFUL, to me the pictures on the net did not do her justice. We hugged and walked to the back porch and sat and talked. Then she gave me a tour of her parents' house and I noticed that just like my family there were lots of pictures of her family. The more time we spent in person and the more we talked and saw that we were so much alike the harder it was to keep our hands off of each other. Then we kissed for the first time in her room, it was kind of like high school again it was great.

Now i'm not sure if I should mention this but whenever I think something's not okay to mention I just think "would my Bethy say this and would I get angry?" because we do think alike. But I DON'T sleep with the other person on the first date nor did she. But that night we did, and It was the best sex I had in my life. Then after holding each other she said that it was her parents' house and they don't approve of a man they just met staying in their daughter's room that night. So I went home and fell asleep dreaming of her.

The next day at work was horrible, I wanted to see her again and wanted to hear her beautiful soothing voice. Eventually we saw each other more and more, I fell off the face of the planet when it came to friends because I'm always with her. So she met my friends. of course they all approved, she's a female Dumas. And my parents love her and vice versa. Now she's 5 months pregnant and it's the first child for both of us. We are both ecstatic and looking back and talking I found out OKcupid was the last site beth was going to try because she had a terrible relationship before from MYspace.

But we are always with each other, always doing something with each other. And we are planing to get married after the baby comes. She's my life and everyone that sees us together says the same thing: we were meant for one another.

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